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Your one stop shop for all of the equipment and tools that needed to perform a wonderful magic. Various kind of classical magic like card tricks, coins and money note production magic, through magic, telepathy magic, producing a magic wand and doves from hat can be performed easily by even a beginner magician with the help of the magical tools and magical equipment selling on Also, interesting magical toy set for kids are also available on our website. We will extend our product selection in timely manner. Check out our site regularly and you will find more and more different magical tricks to be added onto our site! is the ultimate online magical toy and tools store featuring low prices on best quality!

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Flash Paper ?10 Notes HOT SELL HUGE ASIAN QUARTZ CLEAR CRYSTAL BALL Electric Shock Novelty Chewing Bubble Gum Prank Trick
Flash Paper US Notes (10 Pieces)
List Price: $20.99
Our Price: $15.79
Huge Asian Quartz Cclear Crystal Ball
List Price: $15.47
Our Price: $22.79
Borrow a ?10 from a spectator. Switch it for the flash ?10 note and you have an instant and very visual vanish of the note. Perfect for use in a standard bill switch routine or bill in lemon effect. QUARTZ CLEAR CRYSTAL BALL Ideal for the joker in your family or workplace
Offer a gum to your intended target to give them a satisfying but harmless shock.
Bicycle Stripper magic playing cards Tarantula Spider Pen Pro Variety Mahjong trick
Bicycle Stripper magic playing cards
List Price: $12.27
Our Price: $16.79
Tarantula Spider Pen Pro
List Price: $50.35
Our Price: $45.79
Variety Mahjong trick
List Price: $12.27
Our Price: $9.79
Bicycle Stripper decks with a very SLIGHT taper that allows you to feel the edge of a card that has been inserted into the deck facing the other way. Zero Gravity Bill. Terry Lunceford's Floating Finger Ring. Floating Straw. Walking Bill. Additionally you will learn the Spider Spool saving technique that will save you a lot of money, and you will learn Yigal's ultimate method for locking IT in the wax. Here are full version of variety mahjong trick with five mahjong. You can show the audience that the mahjong can swap themselves just in anytime!
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