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An online magic hobby leisure toy stores! Welcome to Magicianmyth.com-- Your one stop shop for all of the equipment and tools that needed to perform a wonderful magic. Various kind of classical magic like card tricks, coins and money note production magic, through magic, telepathy magic, producing a magic wand and doves from hat can be performed easily by even a beginner magician with the help of the magical tools and magical equipment selling on Magicianmyth.com. Also, interesting magical toy set for kids are also available on our website. We will extend our product selection in timely manner. Check out our site regularly and you will find more and more different magical tricks to be added onto our site! Magicianmyth.com is the ultimate online magical toy and tools store featuring low prices on best quality!

Variety Mahjong trick Bicycle Stripper magic playing cards COIN IN BOTTLE Folding Quarter Magic Trick bite out utility gimmick
Variety Mahjong trick
List Price: $12.27
Our Price: $9.79
Bicycle Stripper magic playing cards
List Price: $12.27
Our Price: $7.79
Here are full version of variety mahjong trick with five mahjong. You can show the audience that the mahjong can swap themselves just in anytime! Bicycle Stripper decks with a very SLIGHT taper that allows you to feel the edge of a card that has been inserted into the deck facing the other way. Bite a Coin - David Blaine did it - Now you can too
Instant Appearing Steel Wand Bite & Spit Coin Sparkle Flash Paper
Instant Appearing Steel Wand
List Price: $11.08
Our Price: $6.79
Bite & Spit Coin
List Price: $9.89
Our Price: $5.79
Flash Paper
List Price: $12.27
Our Price: $7.79
The Appearing Magic Wand is made from a patented self-rolling material that enables users to hold it in the palm of their hand! Then, by simply removing the retaining ring - it springs to life, revealing it's true form - a MAGIC WAND!
This wand gives a steel feeling but not real steel
The magician displays a quarter, and then takes a bite out of it! The spectators actually see teeth marks in the quarter. A piece of the coin is missing, apparently in the magician's mouth. Sparkling Flash Paper is a flash paper which has been produced differently than regular flash paper, allowing the appearance of sparkles when you burn it.

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